My 7 Summer Songs

Hey everyone!

There is nothing better than finding a song you absolutely love. When I find a song like that I just want to play it on repeat. I have been listening to a ton of good music lately and here are 7 songs I just can’t get out of my head. I could listen to these songs all summer long!

Dead Alive by Natalie Grantsummer-music-400x300_400 for blog

This song has such a fun, pop sound. It really comes alive and I love it!

Welcome to the New by MercyMe

This song is all about coming into the freedom and joy of Christ. The song captures that, I always listen to it and imagine a big party where everyone is celebrating their new found freedom.

Nobody but You by Dara Maclean

I love the free spirited sound of this song, the way the different parts overlap and flow together. I have literally listened to this song twice in a row.

Where Would I Be Without You By Citizen Way

This is a great song. The vocals and harmony are amazing and I love what it is saying.

Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace

I love what this song is about. A day spent with God enjoying his beauty all around. It has such a relaxing, but cheerful sound I want to listen to it all the time

Finally Home by Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp just came out with a new album, and let me tell you, its amazing! This is one of my favorite songs, it just makes me smile whenever it comes. This is a great song, but the whole album is just as good.

Dream for You by Casting Crowns

There is something about this song that gives me chills, the thought that God has so much more planned for me than I could ever imagine is so cool. I love the way this song illustrates that. I also really love the guitar in the beginning!

What songs are you loving right now?

Do you have a perfect summer playlist?


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