This Months Library Book Haul

When I was younger we used to go the library every three weeks. We went nearly every Friday for over a year but then one thing led to another and we didn’t have time to go anymore (besides we amassed some huge library fines). I missed it, but now four years later we started to go again! I have been so excited, I have been finding so many books I want to read. Here is my Library book haul!2015-06-22 15.05.53


The Grilling Book- Bon Appetit edited by Adam Rapapport

I am already a huge fan of Bon appetit magazine so I was excited to see this cookbook. It is full of so many easy tasty recipes, I have already tried a couple and they were delicious. I really want to do more grilling this summer so I  am looking forward to using this more!

The Century in Food- Beverly Bundy

This is a book that is all about food history throughout the 20th century. I flipped through it already, besides having history of food it also has old recipes from the time and vintage ads and food labels. It looks like a pretty fun book, but at first glance the book was a little badly laid out, so I’m not sure what to expect from the rest of the book.

The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring-Gary Russell

I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. The movies are my favorite, they capture the world and story so perfectly. This book is all about the art that brought the movies to life. Not only does it have the the thoughts and ideas the makers had, it is full of concept art. It looks really cool. 2015-06-30 17.24.18


Fences Between Us- A Dear America by Kirby Larson

Like all Dear America novels this is about a young girl who writes in her diary during an important time in history. I was interested in this one because it was about the Japanese internment camps during WWII. Piper, the main character is not Japanese herself but her and her father travel to one of the camps because her father is a pastor. She sees the camp and lifestyle firsthand. Yes this is a children’s book, but I always loved the Dear America stories and still like to pick one up occasionally.

Uncle Toms Cabin-Harriet Beecher Stowe

I studied a lot about the Civil War last year and of course this book had a huge impact at the time. I haven’t actually ever read it so I thought it would be good to read while all the history  was fresh in my mind. It has always been on my “To  be read” list do I am really interested in reading it!

Inkheart- Cornelia Funke

My sister actually got this, I had been interested in it so when she said it was really good  I snapped it up to read it.The whole concept of the book is that he can bring books to life, so of course I was interested. Also I have a huge love of fantasy so this is something I think I will enjoy.

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play- Ridley Pearson

I started this series after reading about it on a blog. It is about a group of teens who have to save Disney World from the Overtakers, who are basically the Disney Villains who come alive after the parks are closed. It again is a children’s series but it is a fun,light read. I love Disney and adventurey novels so I have been really enjoying this series.

Son- Lois Lowry

This is the last book in the Giver series. I loved the Giver,and enjoyed the other two books so I wanted to finish the series. I was a little skeptical because I didn’t enjoy Messenger as much, but my sister read this before me said it was a great wrap up for the series. I am about 1/3 of the way through and so far it is very good.

Do you go to the library often?

Does anyone else enjoy reading children’s novels once and awhile?

What is in your reading list lately?


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