Utah Pictures!

I went on vacation recently to Utah. The beauty there is just amazing! I took some pretty pictures that I wanted to share with you guys!

  • 2015-08-14 16.17.49
    2015-08-12 15.35.46
    We found a cave. It was so awesome, it went completely underground. We crawled in an underground tunnel!
    2015-08-12 13.29.21
    This waterfall was so cool! The water was just pouring from a hole in the canyon wall.
    2015-08-13 13.20.19
    The road goes ever on and on…

    2015-08-15 17.37.182015-08-13 13.32.212015-08-13 13.13.50

    2015-08-15 17.38.49
    Artsy shot of my shadow.

    2015-08-15 17.45.572015-08-14 15.36.31

    2015-08-13 14.57.53
    This hike was so beautiful. We were in Cedar Breaks at elevation of 10,000 something feet. It was so quiet and beautiful.

    2015-08-14 14.48.002015-08-14 12.59.152015-08-12 13.14.18

    2015-08-13 15.06.54
    Obligatory shot of wooden stairs in the forest!

    2015-08-13 15.06.102015-08-13 15.00.552015-08-13 15.01.082015-08-13 15.00.09

    2015-08-13 13.27.41
    I just wanted to run this field of wildflowers like Belle does in Beauty and Beast!

    2015-08-12 13.13.352015-08-10 19.15.582015-08-10 19.00.552015-08-10 19.00.252015-08-15 17.35.15Have you ever been to Utah?

What was your favorite picture from my trip?


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