A Book Recommendation: David Copperfield

I have a confession, though I consider myself an avid reader, I have, for a very long time been wary of Dickens. *Gasp* Dickens is  a famous classic author, how could I not want to read his wDavid Copperfield for blogorks! It came from reading Oliver Twist at a very young age. I had seen a friend in the stage production and wanted to read the book. Unfortunately I was probably to young and I never made it past the first ten chapters. I was then never inclined to pick up anymore of his works. Because obviously, if one of his books bored me, nothing else was any good,*sarcasm*. Despite my sisters golden praises of David Copperfield I didn’t pick it up until last year. It blew me away. It was not what I expected at all, it was funny, touching, thought-provoking and just interesting. I recommend it to everyone!

David Copperfield is all about David’s life. He grows up with his widowed mother and protective nurse, he has a happy life till his mother remarries to a horrible man who sends him off to school, the school is terrible, but David meets an older boy James Steerforth, who he considers one of his best friends. His mother dies and he can’t stay at home any longer because his stepfather is abusive and mean. After being hired out to a awful workhouse he runs away to his stern aunt, who, just so happens to hate boys.His Aunt softens though and sends him to school again, but this one is much nicer he meets many friends. The story continues as David grows up.Davids life is not one that could be called boring, he is constantly meeting new people and his life always changing. As he grows up, gets a job, goes to school, falls in love. David never stops helping and loving all the people he meets, even when it ends with heartbreak.

I think this book is proof that sometimes a book isn’t always about the story. In this book, the story is interesting, but honestly the bare bones of the story is just about Davids life, the magic of it is in the characters. You have gentle and wise Agnes, smooth talking bad influence Steerforth. There is oily Mr Murdstone and stubborn Pegotty. Dickens portrayed heartbreak and rage, tender love and strong commitment through all these characters. Th2015-08-31 12.20.48e writing was great, in it I found one of the most repulsive literary characters (ie.Uriah Heep) and one I love (ie. David). I strongly recommend this book to anyone, it has the charm of an old classic, but is such an interesting book.

You will like this book if:

  • You want to read a really good classic
  • You love the setting of old England
  • Stories that follow a characters whole life interest you

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want to read a fast paced story
  • You want a light read
  • You want a book that quick and to the point

Has anyone else read David Copperfield, if so what were your thoughts?

Are you a Dickens fan?


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