7 Songs For When You Feel Down

So school has started and life is back in its swing. That can be good and bad. The thing about school, extracurricular activities and such are that people can be mean. That  is just a reality. You have probably come home feeling like this before:

Bully meme

Whether you are being bullied by in person, cyber bullying or your friends ditched you. Maybe no one is being mean, maybe you just feel down because everyone else seems to have their life together an you don’t. No matter what sometimes you come home feeling bad/sad/depressed. I have always found that when I feel sad I listen to music. That’s why I made this playlist, so next time you feel bad, put this on and turn up your music real loud and let the words soak in.

Blog Playlist

Beautiful by MercyMe

No matter what anyone says you are loved by the God of the Universe. He has made you holy and you are beautiful in the eyes of the only one who really matters, Jesus Christ.

He Knows by Jeremy Camp

God knows,he knows exactly what you are going through. Jesus came to earth, he knows and has experienced the harshness and the pain. Go to God, he understands.

Hello My Name Is by Matthew West

If you feel, worthless, pointless and like you should just disappear, remember, you a child of the One True King. He has set you free and in Him is a new life, you aren’t the person you used to be.

Unusual by Francesca Battestelli

Standing up for what you believe in is really not that  fun sometimes. But just remember, If you are being rejected an cast aside because of Jesus, then who cares what the people are saying. Jesus is all that matters. So stand out. Be unusual.

Gold by Britt Nicole

We are constantly looking around us, comparing ourselves to others. Even if everyone else treats you likIsaiah Verse for Bloge you are a heap of trash, or ignores you, just remember that in the eyes of God you are worth more than gold, and no one can take that away from you.

Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

Though this isn’t a Christian song, I love the what it saying. People are always going to be haters and do nasty stuff. Just shake it off and move on.

Sold Out by Hawk Nelson

Last but not least, remember that we are not here to live for ourselves, it is all God. So be sold out for Him. You are living for Christ, so don’t let anyone distract you from that.

What is your go to “feel better” song?

What do you if you feel depressed?


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