A Book Recommendation: The Rose Legacy by Kristen Hietzmann

Hello Everyone!

Sometimes I am just in the mood to burn through a romantic story with a historical setting. Last fall I picked up this trilogy, The Diamo2015-10-22 16.59.59nd of the Rockies. It hit my mood perfectly. It was an interesting read, it had a good love story, but it didn’t overtake the plotline, which was equally as interesting. The first book The Rose Legacy was very good.

The book starts with headstrong and spoiled Carina Di Gratia is stranded on the side of the road after her wagon axle breaks. She is traveling alone to the rough mining town of Crystal Colorado. She made the impulsive choice to move from her comfortable family vineyard in Sonoma California when she found out her fiancé is having an affair with her sister. She is stuck at the side of road when a freighter comes and offers to give her a ride up the mountain to town. She excepts, only to hear that she will have to part with most of her belongings because of the weight. She is outraged when the freighter dumps her wagon load of precious belongings down the side of the mountain. To make matters worse when Carina arrives in town, she finds that she was cheated and the house she bought is already owned. Carina struggles, living in a dirty boarding house. She lets her gru

dge towards the freighter, Quillan grow, and she confronts him every time he comes to town, and tries to break through his grim and angry outer appearance.   It isn’t long until she, in attempt to get her house back starts working for the good looking lawyer Berkley Beck. Who just so happens to be a good old fashioned swindler. When a series of beatings, robberi 2015-10-28 12.24.02-7es and other sinister crimes happen in Crystal. Carina finds a beautiful refuge in an abandoned town. In the town she discovers an old mine, the Rose Legacy, where she finds an old journal telling the story of an ex-prostitute Rose and a man raised by Natives, Wolf. She latches on to the story and doesn’t let it go.

The book had a great setting. I was easily swept away in the excitement and danger of the mining town.The setting is one that can be somewhat typical for a Christian romance novel, but it wasn’t generic! It was a fresh and interesting story. I felt drawn in by what was happening, I wanted to Quillan to open up, my heart hurt for Rose. That being said I found Carina to be an extremely annoying character. She was very immature, jumped to conclusions and got involved in things that are not her business. Being honest I loved the trilogy as a whole but in the first book took a bit to get started. My advice is, stick it out a little if you are not immediately interested. It gets really good!

You will like this book if:

  • You like the Christian Romance Genre
  • You like the mining town- historical setting
  • You like stories with crime and excitement
  • You enjoy firecracker romances

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You don’t want to read about an irresponsible character
  • You want a book that hooks you in instantly
  • You want a to read a stand-alone novel

Do this sound interesting?

Are a fan of Historical Romance novels?


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