Winter Day

2015-11-02 06.38.25Winter is teasing me. The cold winds and overcast days appear and then disappear in favor of clear skies and warm California sunshine. I’m ready for the cold. I’m ready for the pale sunshine and crisp air. I’m ready for clouds and rain. I want to go on my front porch and hear the sound of tires rushing through puddles on the streets and water running down the sidewalk like a river. I want to stand on my front lawn and feel the drops hit my face and wet my hair. I want to jump in the puddles on my back patio till the water soaks through my shoes. I’m welcoming winter now. I’m welcoming shivering every morning as I dress in warm sweaters and long socks. I’m welcoming waking up and making a fresh pot of hot tea and toasting in front of a warm fire. I’m welcoming laying out on a blanket in front of the fireplace getting swept away by a new story. I’m welcoming cold noses and hands after every walk. Winter is coming and I am here, waiting for it come.


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