A Confession + Current Reads

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season! I am taking a bit of a break from holiday blogging with this post that I hope you can relate to!

Even though I blog about books and call myself an avid reader, I have a confession. I haven’t really been reading lately. I am very ashamed of myself. I have been going through one of the worst reading slumps. I just have been so distracted with things on the Internet and other stuff, that I haven’t just sat down to read in a while. I’ll have a bit of quiet time to myself and I’ll just take a quick look at Instagram or just watch one Youtube video, and before I know two hours has passed and I no longer have time to read. Or when I try and read I get distracted easily and go back to playing around on my phone. So that has summed it up, I just feel frustrated with myself! So I have a few books I really want to read, and hopefully they will help me break out of this reading slump.

  1. Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

I have actually read this before, but you can never read a Francine Rivers book too many times! It centers on a teenage girl in the 1950’s who leaves home, after a troubling childhood, and becomes a famous actress. The writing is powerful, heartwrenching and wonderful. I’ll post a full review eventually.

2. Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes

I have always been a huge Percy Jackson fan. This book is the famous myths about Greek heroes like Hercules, Orpheus, Daedalus. All told from Percy’s perspective, and he tells them in a sarcastic, funny and lighthearted way that makes the book a lot of fun. I read the one before this Percy Jackson’s Greek gods and enjoyed it immensely.

3. Light to My Path: Book Three in The Refiners Fire Series  by Lynn Austin

I will definitely have to give a full review of this series later, because I can’t begin to sum up their amazingness in a short paragraph! This the third and last book in the series. It is about two slaves in the  Civil war. She writes in such a unique perspective and provides a picture of that era in a way I haven’t read before.

So all these books are really good and I’m hoping they will inspire me to read again!

Have you ever gone through a reading slump? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

What are your current reads?


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