Song of the Week: Alone by Hollyn feat. TRU

Hello Everyone!

I have this weird thing about new artists. Whenever I see an artist that I have never heard of, I instantly decide that I’m not interested at all, it’s a ridiculous mentality because often I end up listening to them and I love them. That is what happened with Lauren Daigle, Hawk Nelsons new stuff and lots of others. I did the same thing with Hollyn, I was hearing a lot about her and decided I wasn’t interested, until I listened to her music. I am in love with this song, it is upbeat, unique w

ith a pop/hip hop sound that is awesome. I absolutely love this song, I’m not a huge fan of the rap in the middle but I love the rest of the song  too much to care. The sound of this song (and the whole EP) is great but her voic

e is so amazing she could sing pretty much anything and I would play it on repeat. So here is the son

g of the week! Listen to it here:

Alone by Hollyn (feat. TRU)


Hollyn-Cover.jpg for blog






Have you ever heard of Hollyn?

Do you like finding new artists?



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