A Book Recommendation: Savannah from Savannah

Savannah From Savannah by Denise Hildreth

General Age I would recommend it to: 13+

Genre: Contemporary, Chick Lit

Hello Everyone!

I’m a huge fan of contemporary fiction. The struggle is, is that it is hard to find good books in that genre. I loved Savannah from Savannah, it was a score in the Contemporary fiction genre! It has a very summery feel to it, so its nice to read around now when summer is farthest away!

Savannah is a young adult who has just graduated from college, with aspirations of being a novelist. She has entered a contest to win a place at a publishing firm. She wins, only to discover the judges of the contest knew her mother. Savannah’s mother, Victoria, is no ordinary woman, a former beauty pageant winner and a active part of their hometown Savannah Georgia, she seems to be able to convince anyone of anything and has a hand2015-12-04 12.38.38 in everything that happens in town. Savannah is sure that her mother rigged her winning the contest. Throwing caution to the wind, Savannah declines her dream job and moves back home with something to prove, she’s just not totally sure what that is. She is doesn’t know what she is doing, until she finds out that her favorite newspaper columnist, passed away. Savannah was always impacted by her writing and decides to ask for the job. After an interesting interview she gets the job as the new Human Interests Columnist, her mission is now to find a story to present in two weeks. Thankfully she finds a recorder in her predecessor’s office, on the recorder is an interview with previous beauty pageant contestant, on the tape the contestant says she feels the pageant was rigged that year. Savannah, finding her debut story, relentlessly pursues it. Savannah digs all the  dirt she can find on the beauty pageant world.  She finds out a lot along the way, about the beauty pageant world, the work force and herself.

I thought Savannah from Savannah was a great. It had a fun story, that was entertaining, heartwarming and thought provoking. I loved how you saw Savannah mature and learn things about life. It was a good example of how, even responsible and level-headed young adults still have so much to learn about life and people. The book overall had a nice easy pace, much like life in the south, where the book is set. It was a perfect girly, light read that was perfect read on a lazy afternoon!

You will like this book if:

  • You like Contemporary novels
  • You like Mother/Daughter stories
  • You enjoy girl oriented books that don’t focus on a romance
  • You liked Miss Congeniality

You Probably wont like this book if:

  • You want a action packed fast moving story
  • You don’t want to read about beauty pageants

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