A Book Recommendation: The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson

The Kingdom Keepers Series  by Ridley Pearson

First Book in the Series: Kingdom Keepers I: Disney After Dark

General Age I would Recommend it to: 10+

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

I am a huge Disney nerd. You don’t have to know me for very long to find that out. As a little girl I loved princesses, fairies and storybooks so obviously, I loved Disney, even now at 17 I still love the simple happy endings and magic that Disney makes. So when I first heard of this book series on  Disney Blogs, I was instantly intrigued. A fantasy/adventure about teens saving the Disney Parks, what’s not to love? Disneyland is only my favorite place on earth! I unexpectedly found the first one at the library and it didn’t take long to get me hooked. By the end of the series I kind of looked like this:


Barfing rainbow meme for blog

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at Disney World after hours? What it would be like at night when the park was completely empty? I know I have, but of course you and I have never found what that looks like,but Finn Whitman has. One autumn night Finn Whitman wakes up strangely glowing and ghost-like in Disney World. He has no idea what is happening or where he is, he sees an old man sitting on a bench. Looking for answers Finn goes up to the man, who introduces himself as Wayne Kresky. After talking to the him, Finn only begins to understand what this is about.

The Disney magic is real. Every night when the park closes all the characters, both good and bad come to life.  The villains or, Overtakers as they have been named are trying to destroy the magic of the Disney parks and take over. Every night after hours the Overtakers are wreaking havoc in the parks destroying the good wonderful place that Walt Disney worked so hard to make. Thankfully Walt knew that this would happen eventually and told his trusted protege Wayne how to hopefully restore order. That’s where Finn comes in. Finn and four other teenagers, recently modeled to become Disney Host Interactives or DHIs for short, essentially holographic tour guides for the Disney Parks. Wayne explains to Finn that he edited their holographic software so that every night when they go to sleep, they wake up in Disney World as their projected holograms. Wayne needs their help to find Walt’s Pen, destroy the Overtakers and restore the magic of Disneyland as Walt Disney Intended. The story follows  as all the teens Finn, Willa, Maybeck, Charlene and Philby come together and begin to understand what this all means. Over the years they become known as The Kingdom Keepers and they are somewhat Disney Legend.  As the years go by they realize that this threat is much bigger than they ever thought and it affects their lives much more than they imagined. Despite it all, they will do whatever it takes to preserve the Disney Parks as they know it.

2016-01-18 13.05.17


I loved this series. I am a huge Disney fan so it instantly appealed to me. It was one of those series that each book got better and better. If I’m being honest, I enjoyed the first book but I wasn’t sold on the series yet, when I got the second one I liked it a lot more, by the time I got the third one I was hooked. The third book is one of the biggest in the series and I finished it in two days. It is technically a children’s series, which you can tell when you read it. I never found the writing dumbed down or childish at all, but the writing style is simplistic especially in the first couple of books. That being said I absolutely loved the characters of this story. They were all very different and had talents without becoming caricatures or one dimensional. Ridley Pearson really explored every relationship both platonic and romantic and I that’s something I look for in YA reads. The story grabbed meand filled me with feelings of adventure, camaraderie and of course Disney. Overall I fell in love with this series and I would recommend it to anybody who likes light, fun adventure/fantasy stories!


You will probably like this series if:

  • You are a Disney Fan
  • You like stories about a team of teenagers saving the world
  • You enjoy fun, easy reads


You probably won’t like this series if:

  • You are looking for something with a lot of emotional depth
  •  You don’t like Cliches and happy ending type stories


Have you ever heard of The Kingdom Keepers?

Does this sound interesting to you?






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