Library Book Haul!

Hello Everyone!

Recently I went to the Library, YAY! It was super awesome because I haven’t been in while, we went to a different library then normal and it was SO BIG. It was four floors full of books, I was in bibliophile heaven! Needless to say I probably got more books than reasonable, and my arms hurt the next day from carrying that huge stack of books around, but it was worth it. Here is this months Library Book Haul!

2016-02-10 15.24.41


Draw Faces in 15 Minutes by Jake Spicer

I have really been working on improving my art lately so I was looking for a simple book with tutorials and such. This book looks like exactly what I wanted and I am excited to start to use it!

Manga Manga: How To Draw Japanese Comics by Christopher Hart

My endeavor to improve my art and my new found love for anime have both contributed to my getting this book. I have already been using it, I have to say, drawing manga is pretty challenging, but this book is a good starting point.

The Age of Image by Stephen Apkon

I am working on a research  paper on Internet addiction, so I picked up this book about literacy in this digital world in hopes of getting some notes for my paper!

Breakfast by George Weld & Evan Hanczor

This is a cook book all about, well, breakfast! I am a huge breakfast food fan, so I can’t wait to flip through this and pick some recipes to try out.




One of my friends has been trying to get me to read a Greek Tragedy for a while now, so I picked this one up when I found myself in that aisle. Unfortunately I was looking for The Oresteia by  Aeschylus and this isn’t the one I was looking for. I might still read it though.

The Return: The Disney Lands by Ridley Pearson

So you have already heard me fangirl over The Kingdom Keepers. This is the first book in the continuation series he’s writing. I finished this book in two days, I loved it! It was just as good as The Kingdom Keepers if not better, my only complaint was that it was too short!

The Selection by Kiera Cass

I have heard so much about this series and the concept of it sounded really  interesting. I have already read about half of it and I am hooked. Princes and Romance with hint of Dystopia sounds like something I would love!

2016-02-10 15.23.11


So that’s my Library book haul!


Have you read any of these books?

Have you gone on a book haul  recently?



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