Library Love

Hello Everyone!

You know what are great? Libraries! There is just something so incredibly charming about rooms full of books. Going to the library is one of my favorite things and I also have my own little library in my room. I thought I could share these spaces with you, my fellow bibliophiles!

We had a bunk bed, but never used the bottom bunk, so we took it out and my brother built bookshelves to put underneath. We filled them books and added a beanbag chair. It can get pretty dark so we strung twinkle lights above! The quality of these pictures are pretty poor, but I hope you can get an idea of how cozy and wonderful it is!2015-05-15 11.24.232015-05-15 11.25.59-1

This is such a great little reading space, I love to curl up on the beanbag and read for awhile!

My local library is so pretty, it is very old and it is huge! There are four floors full of books, I could spend hours wandering around just looking at books. These pictures are a little lopsided and they don’t really do the space justice. Just trust me, it is absolutely beautiful!




Where do you read?

Is your local library pretty or nah?



3 thoughts on “Library Love

  1. I usually like to read outside, unless there are a bunch of distracting bugs flying around, or neibhoors using lawnmowers. If that’s the case I just read at my bedroom desk. My local library is a fairly relaxing place, however it’s selection of fiction that I am interested in reading is weather small so I often go to LA Canada.


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