A Book Recommendation: Lit! by Tony Reinke

Lit! by Tony Reinke

General Age I would Recommend it to: 14+

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help

LIt! cover


Hello Everyone!

I am finally out of my reading slump! It feels so good to be reading again, my reading slump lasted way to long. I feel like everyone probably goes through a phase where reading just feels like a chore, so today I want to help all my fellow bibliophiles who are struggling to pick up a book, by sharing a book that really helped me out in a time when I didn’t read very much. I tend to shy away from self-help type books, because honestly I usually find them to be annoying, but I found this book to actually totally change my perspective on reading and it encouraged me to read  so much!

Lit! is a non-fiction book all about reading. It addresses reading habits, the benefits of reading and different types of books, all from a Christian perspective. The book starts out talking about the best book ei. The Bible. The next section is all about inspiring you to read. He talks about, reading habits, why  we don’t read and how that negatively affects us. He talks about how our habits in life distract us from reading. The last section goes onto to compare E-readers to physical books, how to encourage your children to read, the benefits of reading different genres, how Christians should address reading secular works. The whole book is full interesting ideas, perspectives and tips to encourage you to read again.

2016-01-02 13.20.30

Words cannot express how much I loved this book. I read this book when I was a freshman in high school and it still sticks out very clearly in my head as an amazing book. It really opened my eyes to why I don’t read, and also shows me what I am missing out on when I don’t read. The best part is, the fact that the book is not condemning at all. It encourages you to read, but it never made me feel guilty about not reading. I think everyone would like this book, from avid readers to people who hate reading!

You will like this book if:

  • You really need a push to get you out of a reading slump
  • You like self help type books
  • You want to reawaken your passion for reading

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You don’t like self help type books
  • You want to read a story/fiction book




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