A Book Recommendation: The Californians by Lori Wick

The Californians by Lori Wick

First Book: Whatever Tomorrow Brings

General Age I Would Recommend it to: 12+

Genre: Romance, Historical

I feel like romance novels can often have negative connotations, people either think of dumb, cliche stories that have no substance, or they think of cheap books with half clothed people on the cover. That bothers me, there is something very heartwarming about a good love story, and I think the fact that the idea of romance has been distorted to fit the sensuality and cynicism of this world is really sad. Mini rant aside today I want to share with you a nice, sweet romantic series. It just a sweet series about love, and I personally, will never not enjoy that.

The story is set in Santa Rosa, California in the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s. The three Donovan siblings are trying to find a home there. Their mother recently died and their grief stricken father left the to go back to Hawaii where they once lived. Alone, innocent, and afraid, twenty year old Kaitlin tries to make a life for herself and her younger siblings Sean and Marcail. When they arrive in the city of Santa Rosa it doesn’t take long before they meet the Taylor family, a loving Christian family, who are also prominent members of the town, owning both the shipping office and mercantile. Kaitlin soon secures a job as a teacher in the school house and they find a very tiny house to live in. The only drawback is the house is too small for them to live, Sean is offered a room at the house of Marshall Riggs “Rigg” to everyone, the owner of the mercantile and the half son of the Taylor family. Rigg and Kaitlin begin to spend a lot of time together because of this, and it doesn’t take long  before they begin to fall in love.  The four book series continues telling the stories of one of the Taylor sons, then Sean and finally Marcail.

I have read this series probably about three times if not more, it was one of the first series I read that was not a children’s series and I always think of it fondly. The story in all four of the books is based around a love story, but it doesn’t only focus on the romance. Each book has a story line that is really interesting, the characters deal with problems, face issues and the story can be serious, but it never gets heavy. The whole series has a nice light tone that makes it the perfect book to read if you have had a long day. The love stories are very different and each has a good twist that makes them unique. If you read the series and fall in love with Sean Donovan, its okay, I understand. Is this series kind of cliche? Yes. Is it very simple? Yes. Despite these things, it is a wonderful series, it is sweet, the characters are lovable and the story interesting. I would definitely recommend it!

You probably will like this series if:

  • You want a sweet simple story
  • You like historical/old settings
  • You like stories that make you smile no matter how cliche or cheesy

You probably won’t like this series if:

  • You want a story that is umpredictable
  • You want an exciting book, with a strong plot




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