Happy Easter + Song of the Week

Hello Everyone!

This weekend we celebrate one of best day in history. We celebrate Jesus, he is risen! Every year at Easter, I find myself taking a step back and actually thinking about the absolute awesomeness of the Resurrection. Growing up in a Christian home and going to church its easy to just think oh yeah, Jesus died for me, and now my sins are forgiven and move on in life without actually realizing how incredible that is. He took the ultimate punishment, all the pain, and not only do we not have to take the punishment anymore, but we get to live freely and talk to the ultimate creator of the universe. The most perfect, important and powerful being in existence cares about each of us, personally and intimately and we get to talk to him whenever we want to. It just blows my mind.

2016-03-21 14.47.09

This song I want to share today is such a beautiful reminder of the love that Jesus poured out for us.  I just love this song and I hope you do to!

Listen to here: Glorious Day by Casting Crowns


Have an amazing weekend worshiping Jesus, spending time with loved ones and eating lots jelly beans and chocolate eggs!


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