A Book Recommendation: The Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding

The Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding

Book One: Foundlings

Book Two: Paladins

Book Three: Loresmen

General age I would recommend it to: 9+

Catagories: Fantasy, Adventure, Historical

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Fantasy is most definitely one of my favorite genres. Something about knights, dragons and courageous acts just hooks me in. The Peleg Chronicles by Matthew Christian Harding did just that. It had all of the elements I look for in a fantasy/adventure book, seamlessly combined with an inspiring message of belief and steadfastness in God. It was such a good series  think everyone would enjoy it!

The first book is set in the biblical times after the Flood. It starts with Thiery, a twelve year old boy, who is raised by Oded the son of a Giant. Through Oded he is  raised with knowledge of The One True God. He has a strong faith in God despite living in  a world of priests who worship dragons and idols. Oded is a beast master for the sinister Count Rosencross, one day while at his camp, Thiery meets young Suzie, they strike up friendship and quickly adopt each other as brother and sister. Not long after this Thiery is poisoned by a Dragon Priest who claims he is his father. Believing Thiery to be dead the camp moves, on leaving Thiery, who is really just in a deep sleep, alone. Meanwhile the ungainly and awkward, but valiant and God-fearing Lord McDougal with his shield bearer and friend Fergus Leatherhead rescue Gimcrack, a dwarf who is quite literally afraid of everything, on their way to the castle. On their way they find Suzie, McDougal claims guardianship over her and vows to find Thiery. Thiery is mysteriously a great interest and threat to the Dragon Priests, and it seems everyone is looking for him. In the Castle the king has turned away from the Truth, blinded by greed and desire to live forever he turns to witches and Dragon priests. The whole Kingdom has turned from God in a pursuit of themselves, death matches and slaughter is common. The whole series  is a heroic tale about heroes of God fighting and defending their faith against desperate evil.

I don’t feel like feel like my summary did this series justice, the story is much more complex than I was able to summarize in a couple of paragraphs. It captures the heroic, good vs. bad  ideal that makes fantasy stories so great. All of the characters in the story are so wonderful, they are have so much color and life, I fell in love with them all. This series is great for boys, my brother who was about nine when he read the books absolutely loved them, its a great series for younger readers who are struggling to find good books to read. That being said, I never felt like the books were written for a very young audience, and as a highschool senior, I enjoyed them very much, the age range for these books is incredibly versatile.

You probably will like this book if:

  • You like the fantasy/adventure genre
  • You want a book that is inspiring and heroic
  • You want an easier read.

You won’t like this book if:

  • You want an intense, deep read
  • You don’t want to read a  hero story
  • You want something with a little angst

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Do these books sound interesting to you?

Do you like stories about heroes and courage as much as I do?





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