Book Recommedation: Bridge to Haven


Bridge to Haven for Blog

Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

General Age I Would Recommend It To: 15+

Genre: Drama, Romance, Historical


Hello Everyone!

You know those books that just sort of sweep you away to their world? I just love books that I get absorbed in and I sort of escape the the time that I am living in. Bridge to Haven was definitely one of those books. It swept me away into the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1950’s, to the world of glitz and glamour. To time where women wore red lipstick and high heels and men slicked their hair back and drove nice cars. I not only  was captivated by the setting but as usual Francine Rivers delivered a powerful, touching story that I just couldn’t tear myself away from.


Abra Matthews feels unwanted. She was found under a bridge as infant by a local pastor and he took her into his home, only to give her to another family to be adopted after his wife dies. Abra, being only five at the time, doesn’t understand any of the surrounding circumstances and grows up her whole life in a loving family, believing Pastor Zeke never cared and that her family will never truly care either. Driven by the feeling of being overlooked and unwanted she runs away with the attractive but deceptive Dylan Cole when she is only sixteen. Abra leaves behind not only her family and a whole town that loves her deeply, but also her best friend Joshua. Dylan is cruel, much crueler than Abra ever saw or imagined. They travel to his mother’s home in Hollywood where after a couple of months of using her, he dumps her off with a talent agent, promising him Abra is star material. Abra leaves the party with one of Hollywood’s best agents, Franklin Moss. With nothing to lose and a promise of fame, Abra allows Franklin to completely remold her into Hollywood’s next Marilyn Monroe, Lena Scott. As Abra rises in fame and receives the admiration and validation she craves, she realizes how much of herself she has lost. She has burned every bridge to her old life and still is just as lonely and confused as before.


This book was incredible. Abra was a great character, her motives for doing what she did and her whole attitude was extremely self-centered and angsty, but I understood her. I got why she was making those choices and wanted to scream at her your family loves you! I usually get annoyed with the misunderstood protagonist trope, but this time I thought Abra was a very realistic character. The other characters were amazing, I was interested in Franklin Moss, she painted a disturbing but complex picture of his character. I could go on for days on how beautiful Joshua Freeman is. The plot of the book grabbed me instantly. The whole setting of 1950’s Hollywood was so appealing to me, and Francine Rivers really painted a wonderful world. I can’t say too many good things about this book, colorful characters, great setting and plot, the message of the book was another thing that really touched me. The story had a overarching message of God’s never ending grace and redemption. As always with Francine Rivers, this message was seamlessly woven into the story in a way that affected you deeply without being preachy or out of place. Overall this book was beautiful and I honestly think every one should read it.

Content Advisory: This book definitely deals with heavier issues. Their is no crude language and no excessive violence, but it does have quite a bit of sexual content. Nothing is explicit, and like all of Francine Rivers writing is portrayed Biblically.

You will like this book if:

  • You want to read a really good book that you just can’t put down.
  • You love the 1950’s and that whole time period
  • You love books that make you think and feel things.

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want a light and funny read.
  • You want a feel good, clean read.


Do you like the 1950’s?

Have you read this book?



4 thoughts on “Book Recommedation: Bridge to Haven

  1. Hi Emma
    I have just written my first Christian Fiction novel, Twiceborn that is set in 16th century France at the beautiful Palace of Versailles.
    Would you kindly read the free chapter available on my website and email me with any feedback/suggestions you may have?


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