10 Practical Tips for Breaking a Reading Slump


Reading Slump for blog

Hey Fellow Bibliophiles!

Today I want to talk about something I know every reader has faced at least once (probably millions of times) the dreaded Reading Slump. We have been through it, that awful period of time when you have absolutely no motivation to read. I hate it more than anything else and it can be really hard to break. So today I thought I would share some helpful steps that took that helped me break my reading slump!

  1.  Take a break.

Often a reading slump can come from reading a lot in a short amount of time or feeling pressured to read. Give yourself some time off of your intensive reading.Indulge your other hobbies for a week or two, explore other interests until you feel like reading again.

2. Involve yourself in your book community

When I was in a really bad reading slump I started to really spend a lot of time in the bookstagram community, seeing everyone talking about books and reading made me feel like reading again. Get involved whether that’s by reading book blogs, being on your Goodreads or Bookstagram or even going to the library or bookstore.Just place yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by books!

3. Find a really good book.

You’ve taken a break, you’re back in the community, now it’s time to choose a good book to get you back into reading. Look around and choose a book that will hook you in. Whether its a cutesy contemporary, an action packed fantasy, or even a reread of one of your favorites, pick a book that you know you will read. Don’t try to get back into reading with a dense 700 page historical drama, pick something you know you will want to read!

4. Set Reading Goals

Each month I compile a TBR, it’s usually between 4-7 books that I want to read that month. I make it a goal to finish those books within the month, it has really helped me. I am motivated to read because I want to make that goal. When I was first breaking out of a reading slump I made it a goal to read two books,that seemed like a lot considering I hadn’t really read anything what felt like months but I ended up reading six books that month, and have been reading more and more as time passes. Maybe your goal is to read fifteen minutes each day. Maybe your goal is read that one classic that has been intimidating. Whatever it is, set a goal and work towards it. Doing that has definitely motivated me.

5. Read this book.

I have already written a post all about this book, Lit! by Tony Reinke. It literally will pull you out of a reading slump. It inspired me to read so much, I recommend to anyone who needs help reading more everyone!


Can you think of anything I missed?

How do you break out of reading slumps I would love to hear!




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