Song of the Week: Walk on the Waves by Colton Dixon

I graduate high school in less than a month. I’m very excited to finally be done and celebrate, but if I’m being terribly honest with you guys, I’m also kind of scared. I’m leaving a very safe, well known lifestyle for something that is very uncertain. I don’t what I’m doing in the next year or even the next ten years. I have some hopes and dreams but they are very scattered and nothing is clear yet.This past year I have been constantly asking God, where do you want me? What is your plan? Essentially I have been asking God to show me every step all laid out, and the answer I’ve gotten back it Wait. I’ve shown you one step, wait for the others. Trust me.  God has been showing only the tiniest next steps. My future is not clear to me, but I’m also trusting that God has his plan. He has shown me and given me the ability to complete every step so far, and I have no reason to doubt Him. This song has been repeat the last week or so. As I go into the great unknown, as I’m tossed into the uncertainty of adulthood, I have one hope and one assurance Jesus, He’s got my hands and my life, and I’m choosing to to step out in faith and trust.

Besides the uplifting lyrics and message that has been encouraging me lately, I love the upbeat and fun sound of this song!

You can listen here: Walk on the Waves 

Walk on the Waves for blog


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