A Book Recommendation: The Love Series

Love Series for Blog

The Love Series by Janette Oke

First book in the series: Love Comes Softly

General age I would recommend it too: 11+

Genre: Romance, Light Reading, Historical Fiction


Hello Everyone!

Today I want to share with some of my happy books, The Love series by Janette Oke. These are the books I turn too after a long stressful day. They are sweet happy books. They are the books that I can just enjoy  without too much mental effort. They are easy to read and easy to love. Besides its a nice and long series, so you never really run out!

2016-05-18 01.09.48 1.jpg

Summary: The story starts with Marty, Marty is a nineteen year old who was traveling west with her new husband, only to become a widow after he dies in an accident. Pregnant, grief stricken and alone in a broken wagon, she is at a loss of what to do. The small community around her help with the burial and there she meets Clark Davis, a widower with a three old daughter Missie, who proposes something crazy. He asks if she would consider a marriage of convenience, he says that she is all alone and his child needs a mother. Marty is against the proposal, until she realizes it is her only hope. She is married to a near stranger and now cares for his home and child. This is overwhelming to her especially when Missie doesn’t listen to her and the only things she knows how to cook are pancakes. Slowly she begins to learns how to take care of the home and starts to love not only Missie, but also the kind and gentle man that is Missie’s father. Three of the books are about Marty, two of the books follow Missie as she grows up and starts a new adventure moving further west to start a ranch with her husband. The last three books in the series are about Belinda, a child Marty and Clark have late in their marriage. The whole series follows the family through their lives.


Review: This series is such a pleasant read. It is interesting, with little stories and problems, but never anything too intense. It focuses on the life of this family and their farm and their day to day problems. From finding a preacher for the new town to courting. It is sweet and light. I love all of the characters and how you see them grow and change as the series moves on. All in all I think series is wonderful and anyone who likes simple mountain prairie stories will like it!

You probably will like these books if:

  • You want a light nice read
  • You want a book with lovable characters
  • You like stories that focus on little problems and just tell about life.

You probably won’t like these books if:

  • You want a book that will go really in depth
  • You want a series that has a clear story or point


Do these book sound interesting?

What are your happy books?


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