1 Year Anniversary of Among the Pages!!

Blog Anniversary Image


Hello Everyone,

I have officially had this blog for one YEAR!

That is so exciting to me, I started this blog last summer with the intent of posting reviews and talking about books I love, I never imagined what a wonderful community I was joining. The whole blogging community is so warm, welcoming and friendly. I have loved being in this community and discovering new books, sharing opinions and just interacting with so many lovely people daily. Thanks to all my readers and all the people have such fantastic blogs that inspired me to start my own!


As far as my blog:

You can read my first post here:

A Book Recommendation: The Emerald Ballad Series by B.J Hoff

I still follow the same formula when Recommending/Reviewing books, so not to much has changed, though the writing of this post leaves something to be desired.

My most viewed post over the past year:

Song Feature: When Iā€™m With You By Citizen Way

I am so surprised this is one of my top posts, considering I threw this post together one day quickly. I am thrilled though, because I love this song and I love this band, so I am over the moon I have been able to share it with other people!


I just want to thank everyone for making this such a great first year in blogging, here’s to many more!!

Love you all ā¤




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