Summer Book Reccomendations & TBR

Summer Reads


I’m in such a summery mood! It is currently SO HOT and its starting to really feel like summer break. Summer is a great time to get some quality reading in. Whether I’m reading while traveling or just reading while chilling at the beach or pool, I always have more time to read. I’m already getting hyped about some books I’m reading this summer and I want to share some of my summer recommendations!

My Recommendations:

Here are some books I’ve read in the past summers and I enjoyed a lot and I want to share with you. Hopefully you find some new and exciting reads!

A Book Recommendation: Savannah from Savannah

2016-06-20 11.42.50

Contemporaries are my go to for summer. This book had some serious summer vibes! It’s such a nice slow paced contemporary story focusing on a twenty something trying to succeed at her new newspaper reporters job. It’s definitely a good poolside read!

A Book Recommendation: The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson

2016-06-20 11.40.43

I burned through these last summer, its a fairly long series (7 books) so I usually had one in my backpack every trip I took. They are geared for more of a middle school audience, so its an easy read, but its funny, action packed and it takes place in Disney World, so whats not to love!!

Book Recommedation: Bridge to Haven


I adore this book, its one of those intensely beautiful and gripping books. I love it so much, its great to read while on a plane or traveling, because you will easily get swept away!


Anna and the French Kiss (+ Lola and Ilsa)


I have already started this book, and I hope read the rest of the trilogy over the summer. Like I said earlier, cute contemporaries are my favorite summer reads!

The Unexpected Everything or Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I have yet to read any Morgan Matson, but I’ve heard great things about her books, besides they have such summery covers! I don’t know if I want to read The Unexpected Everything or Since You’ve Been Gone first, if you’ve read them, what do you recommend?

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (…one of the things is not like the others…)

Les Mis

I have actually started this. I have been reading it for way too long now, which is dumb, because its a good book. I am determined to finish it this summer while I have the reading time!


What are you reading this summer?

Any summer reads you would recommend?






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