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Hello Everyone!

I recently read Happily Ever After, the novella for The Selection Series and it was amazing! It had everything I ever wanted from a book series. I have read many novellas and I have pretty much decided I love them. Here are my top three reasons

Warning: This post contains lots of fangirling.

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  1. You get all the cute moments.

In series, the books focus on the overarching storyline, and you only get small scenes that are about the little moments. Whether it is a heartfelt moment between my OTP or just friendshippy scenes with the main cast, I just love those parts of a book. Because Novellas are short stories they are usually have a story or two that is primarily these scenes and it makes me so happy.

2. Side Characters

In Novellas you almost always get to learn more about the side characters. For example in the Percy Jackson Novellas, you have little stories with Clarisse, Thalia and Luke. In “Lost Stories” the short story compilation for the Rangers Apprentice series. There is a whole story for Jenny and Gilan, both of whom I love. It is so awesome to  get a little depth and story for those lovable side characters.

3. Added Content

Novellas are never just the stories, they almost always have extra content. In Novella you get fun stuff like maps, artwork and character profiles. They are just full of those fun little things my fangirl heart loves.

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So those are the reasons I love Novellas. I truly wish every long book series had one!! Do agree?


What was a Novella you loved?

What are your favorite things about Novellas?




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