July Wrapup

July Wrapup for Blog

Hello Everyone!

I hope your July was as wonderful as mine! I have had an amazing month that has involved a lot of traveling, but has been mixed with a some quiet time at home. It has been wonderful. I had a big trip to Japan and then later visited my grandparents and then some friends out of state! I not only read some really great books, but I also found some new obsessions I need to share!

New Obsessions:

All the new singles by Shawn Mendes: I have been obsessed with the new songs by Shawn Mendes, of course Treat You Better is GREAT, but I have also had his single Ruin on repeat.  It is has this old school feel and his vocals are just amazing, so amazing…I’ve been totally obsessed.

NF: I just discovered the rapper NF this month and I just instantly clicked with his music. I don’t normally like rap, but he’s really great. This song, Got You On My Mind , is so chill and romantic. The guy has insane rapping skills, but his singing is not only relaxing but really beautiful.

Austin & Ally: I am a Disney Channel addict and this month I started watching Austin & Ally on Hulu and I love it probably more than is socially acceptable for a high school graduate.  My latest Google searches are “R5” “Ross Lynch and Laura Marano” and “Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton”…I think I might need help.

Percy Jackson Webseries: Like all Percy Jackson fans, I was not a fan of the movies…at all. I just discovered this Percy Jackson webseries. It’s fan made and relatively low budget, but it is really well done and its fun to see scenes from the earlier books. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, if you are a fan of the books I would check it out!

This months Reading

Processed with VSCO

This month I read:

  • Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis
  • Forevermore by Cathy Marie Hake
  • Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
  • Two “Dear Americas”

Not a whole ton of books, but I enjoyed them all so much, I was satisfied with what I read! I didn’t read very much in the beginning of the month, but I picked more books as the month went on.

This month on the blog:

I managed only a few posts this month because of all my traveling. I  posted four posts:

7 Good Vibes/Good Day Songs

I’m Back! | Japan Trip Photos

Song of The Week: What You Want by Tenth Avenue North

Three Reasons I Love Novellas

A Book Recommendation: The Refiners Fire Series by Lynn Austin




So that’s my month!

What were some of your month’s favorites?

How has your summer been so far?


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