Song of the Week: Oh Lord by NF

Hello Everyone!

Okay, so I have definitely never been a fan of rap. In fact it used to be one of my least favorite music genres, but as I got older and I expanded my tastes in music and listened to more hip-hop and pop songs that had rap features in them, I opened my mind up bit. I just recently discovered the rapper NF, after getting a couple of recommendations. There is something about his music I just loved almost instantly. I especially loved his song “Oh Lord”, the lyrics are deep and really clicked with me.

Oh Lord for blog

The chorus of the song is a question “Do you see us down here oh Lord?”. It repeats the question many of us ask, does God see our suffering, our pain? The song goes into a rap that really made me think. Am I  turning to God as my life source, as my purpose in life, or am I just turning to Him when I need something. We demand God to help us, or change things when life is difficult, but all to often we brush Him aside when we are comfortable. This song really resonated with me, I’m always to quick to blame God for not listening to me, but often its me who’s not listening to Him.

I look around at this world that we  walk on/ it’s a smack in the face don’t ever tell me there’s no God

Listen to the song: Oh Lord by NF


Have you heard of NF?

Do you like music that makes you think?




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