A Book Recommendation: Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

Rangers Apprentice for Blog

The Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan

First Book in the series: Ruins of Gorlan

General Age I would Recommend it to: 11+

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Hello Everyone!

There are some series that I just don’t feel get enough love. The Rangers Apprentice by John Flanagan was definitely one of those series. I read this series in middle school after a friend recommended, I loved them so much.  Surprisingly I felt like not many people read them, which I think is unfortunate, because they are so great!

Summary: Will is an orphan, he works at the castle of the Baron of the Redmont Fief, soon he will be selected by a Master on Choosing Day to become an Apprentice. The only problem is, unlike the rest of his peers, he doesn’t know where he wants to be an Apprentice. On Choosing day, Will is completely surprised to be chosen to be an Apprentice of the Fiefs Ranger, Halt. It is a very rare apprenticeship, Will moves to a cabin with Halt, in the outskirts of the Kingdom. As Will learns the art of being a Ranger, Lord Morgaroth gathers power in the north and plans to attack the Kingdom. As inexperienced as he is, Will sets out with Halt to defend the Kingdom as a Ranger.

Review: I loved this series. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres and this book captured the idea of knights, castles and evil villians perfectly.This  whole series is such a fun read, its writing is for middle grade, but it isn’t childish or immature. I loved how funny this series was. I can find a book delightful and entertaining, but rarely do I actually laugh out loud. With this series I laughed out loud many times, all the witty dialouge is well placed and perfect.  I loved how all the battle scenes were written, I don’t usually care for a lengthy play by play of each sword stroke or draw of a bow, but the scenes in this book managed to be detailed but not boring. These books  were interesting, and entertaining but had a fresh twist that really hooked me in!

You probably will like this book if:

  • You like the fantasy/adventure genre
  • You like stories about knights, rangers and Kingdoms
  • You like books that have good stories but can still make you laugh

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want a really deep serious book
  • You don’t want to read a fantasy book



Have you read the Rangers Apprentice series?

Do you like the Fantasy genre?





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