Behind My Blog Planning


Hello Everyone!

I’m always curious about how fellow bloggers, plan their blogs. Do you sit down whenever you have a thought? Do you plan each post? We all do it differently and I love hearing other peoples methods, so I thought today, I would share how I plan and blog in general!

Every month I draw out a grid on a piece of, I know I could use a spreadsheet or something, but writing it out helps my brain process, I then fill in the dates of the month. I color code all my posts on the schedule, Book Reviews and Recommendations are all in orange, Song of the Week Posts and Playlists are in teal and my Other Bookish Posts are in dark pink, very rarely when I write a lifestyle post or writing sketch it will be in dark blue. I try to post one of each post a week, following a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. My schedule gets all messy throughout the month as I edit it and mark what I’ve posted.

Processed with VSCO
This was last month’s plan. As you can see, I didn’t get everything posted, only the ones with a check mark beside them. I marked which posts needed pictures, which ones I had a draft of, ect. (Sorry for the bad picture quality)

I usually sit down to blog about three or four times a week. I try not to spend to much time a day, I usually blog for around an hour, more or less. I like to be able to have the weeks post scheduled and be able to work on the next weeks. Essentially, I never want blogging to seem like a chore, so I like to write as much I can when I’m the mood so I always have something to post, even in the moments when I’m not feeling inspired.

I actually surprised myself with how much effort I put into this, it’s pretty unusual.  I am a very scattered person who doesn’t often finish what I start. Blogging is something I actually plan and I really enjoy writing out my monthly plans simply because that whats helps me stay inspired and on track.

So that is how plan my blog, I hope you enjoyed going a little  behind the scenes with me!

So I’m very curious,

How do you blog?



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