Mini Bookish Merch Haul


Hello Everyone!

I recently got some some new bookish merchandise and I am way too excited about it. I just felt like I had to share it with you guys!( If you follow my bookstagram you have probably already seen some of it:)


Percy Jackson Candle


Percy Jackson is amazing. That is just a fact, but a beautiful sea green wonderfully Percy themed candle is a special kind of amazing. I love this candle so much, it smells really wonderful like the sea with a perfumey sweetness. Besides the tin is adorable!


Eleanor & Park Bookmarks

Processed with VSCO

I’m always on the lookout for more bookmarks, and these adorable little character bookmarks that clip on the page are perfect. I was initially a little afraid they would bulky and it would be hard to close the book, but they lie really flat without being flimsy. I love them and will definitely be getting more!

Camp Jupiter T-shirt

Processed with VSCO

So I’m a Camp Half-Blood camper all the way, but what kind of Percy Jackson fan would I be if I didn’t have a shirt for each camp?


So that’s my haul, its not a ton, but they are all things I just adore ❤

What bookish merch have you gotten recently?






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