November Wrapup


Hey Everyone!

November is over, and that is really weird. I feel like this fall just FLEW by! But on the other hand it’s Christmas time and I’m SO excited! November was a really good month, I was insanely busy, but I actually managed to read a lot, yay!

This month, my current obsessions would be:

The Lunar Chronicles: I read Cinder a couple months ago, and definitely enjoyed it, but wasn’t  hooked, this month though I read Scarlet and just became OBSESSED. Be prepared for a lot fangirling about this series in this post, because this is pretty much what dominated my month.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: This month I finished this beautiful anime! It was so good, I recommend it to any anime lovers, it has a intense and complex story with amazing characters and BEAUTIFUL animation. #shiroisaheroofjustice

Phil Whickam, One Republic & Loren North: I love adding new songs to my playlists and this month I have found some new jams, some from new artist some from old favorites. I’ve been loving:

Kids by One Republic

Backwards/Forwards by Loren North

Divine Romance by Phil Wickham

This month I read:

Processed with VSCO

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: Five Stars

Cress by Marissa Meyer: Five Stars

Fairest by Marissa Meyer: Four Stars

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon: Four Stars

A Light To My Path by Lynn Austin: Five Stars

One Day by David Nicholls: Five Stars

Munich Signature by Bodie Theone: Five Stars

Measure of a Heart by Janette Oke: Five Stars

Murder on the Orient Express: Five Stars

As you can see I enjoyed every book I read this month immensely (except for maybe Fairest, really disturbed me, but still really well written) It’s always such a satisfying feeling, reading a ton and loving it all!!

I bought:

Processed with VSCO
I lent Scarlet to my sister, so it’s not in the picture.

Literally the entire Lunar Chronicles series including the novellas. I just really needed to read them and couldn’t wait for the library…

This Month On The Blog:

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Lord of Rings: Why You Should Read It.

7 Song Playlist for Sleep

How was your November?

What books did you read? What songs are you loving?


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