7 Songs for Christmastime


Hello Everyone!

I haven’t blogged in SO long! I’m crazy busy this Christmas season, but I’m glad to sit down and write some posts and talk with you guys again. I love Christmas so much, one of favorite things is playing Christmas music all the time. Yes, I am one of those people. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite songs this season!

O Come O Come Emmanuel by Phil Wickham

This is one of my favorite classic carols, its so beautiful and Phil Wickham of course makes it even more gorgeous. I promise your ears will be blessed.

White Christmas by Lauren Daigle

I simply adore Lauren Daigle, her voice is so amazing and unique, I love her bluesy/ big band  spin on this song.

Winter Snow by Audrey Assad

I love this song, the message always touches my heart. Jesus could of come in some grand entrance and show all his power and strength, but he came peacefully, gently as a baby to give us peace, and I’m forever in awe of that.

Joy to the World by Keith and Kristyn Getty

I love it when artists take the carols we all grow up hearing and add their own spin on it. This song is such a fun song, with an Irish reel and upbeat sound.

Christmas Like A Child by Third Day

This song speaks to how we often lose our way from God, and we just go through the motions in the Christmas season.  But when we focus completely on Jesus, that’s when we embrace that childlike wonder and awe of all that Christmas can be.

Deck the Halls by Tenth Avenue North

I love Tenth Avenue North, and love this infectiously fun rendition of this song!

Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song) by Amy Grant

This song is a song from Mary’s perspective, its so beautiful, it gives me chills.


What songs are loving this Christmas season?



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