Book Recommendation: The Women of the West Series by Janette Oke



The Women of the West by Janette Oke

General Age I Recommend It Too: 11+

Genre: Romance, Historical, Christian Fiction

Hello Everyone!

If you have been following along with my monthly TBR’s, you have probably noticed that I have progressing through this series recently. I often find myself wanting to read something light and undramatic and this series fits that mood perfectly.

Summary: This series is about 11 books long, and none of them are connected. They all have a similarity, being about young women living in the west of Canada, most of them are about how they are setting out living new lives. One is about a city girl living moving to a rugged country town with her new doctor husband. One of the books is about a mail order bride, another about a young women who has to raise her younger siblings after her parents death. They are all very different stories, but all so good.

Review: I love these books so much! They are short, light and cute. They all have focus on  a sweet love story, family and growing in life. These aren’t the kind books that I think everyone would like, they aren’t terribly plot driven and lack intense story building, but I enjoy them because they are sweet and cute. They fit my mood when I want to read something easy to read that is simple.

You probably would like this series if:

  • You want to read something simple and cute
  • You like mountain/prairie stories

You probably won’t like this series if:

  • You want something with a lot of depth
  • You don’t like fluffy stories


Do you like really simple books?



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