It’s A New Year on Among the Pages!

Hello Everyone!!

Though this is horribly overdue, its a New Year! I’m so excited for what this year holds, last year on the blog was so great, I can only imagine it will get even better moving forward!

2016 in Review

Lets take a look back on some of my 2016 goals (New Year, New Goals!)

Last year, some of my goals were:

  • Connect more with the Book community
  • Improve my Photography
  • Participate in a 30 day challenge
  • Read 100 books

I think I did a fair job at reaching all these goals, I didn’t read 100 books 😦 I did read about 70 so I still feel pretty good about that, and while I didn’t do a 30 day challenge on the blog, I participated in several on Bookstagram and they were so much fun!

Last years most viewed post was : Song Feature: When I’m With You By Citizen Way

2016 was such a good year and looking forward to am even greater 2017!

2017 Goals

This year I reset my Goodreads Challenge at 100. I am so determined to make it this year, I’ll keep you posted!

I want to improve my blog interface, its a constant goal, but I want it to be as user friendly and aesthetically pleasing as possible. My brother has been pestering me to learn HTML forever, so I hope for this to be the year I finally do it!

Most of my blog posts are about the books I LOVED, but I’m also toying with the idea of doing a series of unpopular opinions. The goal would not be just to spew negativity (there’s enough of that on the Internet) but rather share honest opinions and see who agrees or disagrees!

Last but definitely not least, I want to keep connecting more with fellow book lovers! I love the book blog community so much, and I want to continue to get to know bloggers and readers!


What are some goals or resolutions you have for 2017?






3 thoughts on “It’s A New Year on Among the Pages!

  1. I set my goal at 80 books this year. I read 86 last year. So, I am confident that I can meet it. I also set the goal to get the Shelfie Podcast on iTunes and Google Play, which I have already done. So, now I just have to grow our listener base. πŸ˜€

    You have great goals!


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