My Dream Author Panel


Hello Everyone!

Book Conferences are super cool, what is better than meeting all your favorite authors and fellow bookworms and getting to see panels of all those favorite authors talking about your favorite books! I confess, I have never actually attended a Book Conference, BUT I plan to change that soon. In the meantime, I can dream up my ideal author panel

My taste in books is sort of all over the place, and all my favorite authors definitely don’t write in the same genres, but this a dream panel right? In my perfect world, an author panel would feature:

1. Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorite YA authors ever. She is just such an amazing author, all her books pull in me with some kind of magnetic force. I would love to hear her give some writing advice. Also, like the rest of the world, I would ask:

What were the three words on Eleanor’s postcard??

2. Marissa Meyer

I’m a sucker for retellings, and The Lunar Chronicles have sort of taken over my life. Hearing Marissa Meyer talk about my favorite Dream Team Selene and maybe share a little about all her upcoming works would be great. I’m so inspired by Marissa Meyer, because she started out like us, a fangirl writing fanfiction and doing writing camps. She shares a lot about her projects and writing process on her blog, but I would love to her talk about it all in person. I would have two questions for her,

1. How did you  decide which fairytales you wanted to retell?

2. Kaider, Cresswell and Jacinter Weddings? Maybe another short story novella??

3. Kiera Cass

I love Kiera Cass, she’s not only funny and awesome, but The Selection Series is everything my YA, Prince and Princess loving heart ever wanted. I just want to sit and listen to her talk about her new projects, what magic is she writing now?? My questions for her:

Which character was the most fun to write?

4. Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is pretty much one of my favorites, Rick Riordan keeps expanding the Universe and over the years, and we all have questions. I would love to hear Rick Riordan talk about how he is weaving the worlds of Percy, Carter and Sadie and Magnus all together and maybe give us a few hints of what to expect in the rest of The Trials of Apollo series, that would be amazing.  I have like a thousand questions for him, but I would restrain from begging for a book just full of Percabeth fluff and ask:

What old characters are going to be in any of your new books?

In a perfect world, this author panel would happen and it would be incredible *sigh*.  Thank you Eventbrite for inspiring such a fun idea for a post! Eventbrite is super cool, they help you organize your own events and find events near you, here is the link to their Conference Management Page where you can plan your own event! Maybe the Book Conference of our dreams is not so unattainable 😀

Who would be on your Dream Author Panel?


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