Song of the Week: Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots

Hi Everyone!
I know, I know, I’m probably like the 700th person raving about Twenty One Pilots, but I just can’t help it!

I have been a fan of the band for quite a while now, but i just finally saw them in concert recently and it was AMAZING. One song that they did that just blew me away was Holding Onto You. This was already one of my favorite songs but their live performance was just incredible, not only did it have awesome energy, but Tyler Joseph also came out and had everyone in the pit lift him and he sang in the audience ( I was not in the pit but it was still cool). Ahhh, it was just such a good night!



Listen to it here: Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots

If you have yet to hear much of Twenty One Pilots I highly recommend giving them a listen, from their unique, genre defying sound to the depth and emotion poured into every song, they are just quality musicians.

Are you a Twenty One Pilots fan?



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