My Five Favorite Fictional Couples Pt.2

5 Favorite Fictional Couples pt. 2

Almost exactly a year ago, I did a post 5 Favorite Fictional Couples. Now a whole year has past and I’ve read a bunch more books, and I have found five more amazing fictional couples to gush and fangirl over. I figured it was time to do another list! So here is part two of my favorite fictional couples:

5. John Murphy & Elisa Lindhiem from The Zion Covenant by Bodie Theone

Why I Love Them: They never give up on each other. Through all the horror and peril they face from the Nazis and wartime in general, they always find their way back to each other. It’s  so beautiful ❤

Why They Are Good For Each Other: They are a constant for each other and they both need that. Despite all the darkness around them, they both find solace and home with each other and they love each other so much it makes me melt.

My Favorite Moment of Theirs: They have plenty of amazing moments (their first kiss at Christmas in Vienna) but the moments I loved the most were when they weren’t even together. When they were separated but you saw their thoughts and longing for each other filled my heart!

“There has not been an hour since I last saw you last that I have not turned around, hoping somehow you would be there.”

– John Murphy, Bodie Theone, Zion Covenant


4. Eleanor & Park from Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Why I Love Them: Eleanor and Park didn’t go looking for each, they didn’t even really like each at all when they met, but then they fell in love. And it’s so beautiful, they belong with each other. The unexpectedness and intensity of their relationship is just so awesome.

Why They Are Good For Each Other: They get each other. They are both misfits and don’t fit in, but they fit in with each other, they are simply best friends. Any relationship where they spend all day together and leave still wanting to be together makes me all mushy.

My Favorite Moment of Theirs: The whole book is one big moment for them, so its really hard to choose! I really love the first time Park holds her hand, then she takes his hand later. All the feels.

“He tried to remember how this happened—how she went from someone he’d never met to the only one who mattered.”
― Park, Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park


3. Maxon Schreave & America Singer from The Selection by Kiera Cass

Why I Love Them: I love those love stories that unfold slowly. As frustrating as it was that America took so long to realize she loved Maxon I loved reading every moment of her realizing how much she did. They went through so much together, their commitment to each other is amazing.

Why They Are Good For Each Other: America is impulsive, Maxon is follows the rules, together they balance each other night. They perfectly complement one another. America makes Maxon feel loved and Maxon makes America feel cherished, together they make me want to cry happy tears…

My Favorite Moment of Theirs: They have so many beautiful moments, but I really really love their first kiss. It’s so unexpected and tender and sweet. They are just perfect.

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”
―Maxon Schreave,  Kiera Cass, The One


2. Todd Spencer & Christy Miller from The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn

Why I Love Them: Together they just make each other better. They spent so many of their teen years with each other, but not truly together.I loved seeing their love story unfold when they are older is just amazing.

Why They Are Good For Each Other: Like I said, they make each other better people. Todd encourages Christy closer to God, which is such an awesome thing in a relationship  and Christy is always there for Todd, which he needs. They build each other up in Christ and the closer they get to each other, they get closer to God, I dream of having a relationship like that one day.

My Favorite Moment of Theirs:  There’s this one moment in one of the last few books, they are painting a bookshelf Christy bought. They are reminiscing on their past and teasing each other and hit each other with paint brushes. It’s such a cute, sweet time in their relationship. Also whenever Todd calls Christy “Kilikina” my heart melts.

“I don’t think anyone could ever love another person on this earth as much I as love you”

Todd Spencer, Robin Jones Gunn, Christy Miller Series

  1. Ze’ev “Wolf Kesley & Scarlet Beniot from The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Why I Love Them:
They have one of those relationships that is just so secure. They know that this is it, they will love each other and protect each other no matter what. #wolfletislife

Why They Are Good For Each Other:  Wolf grew up without love, and Scarlet loves him, he cares about her so deeply, and they both need that.  They have gone through all these terrible things, but at the end of the day they just want to go and live on her farm and just be together, it’s just perfect.

My Favorite Moment of Theirs: Every moment with each other is total perfection, but I love their reunion in Winter. I felt like I had legitimate heart eyes.

“But you’re the only one, Scarlet. You’ll always be the only one.”
― Wolf, Marissa Meyer, Scarlet


What are some of your favorite couples?




Song of the Week: Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

Hello Everyone!

I have been loving Jon Bellion recently, after seeing him live at the Twenty One Pilots concert, I really fell in love with his music.

jon-bellion-maybe-idk-cover_for blog
All the album artwork is also super pretty 😀

I’ve found myself playing this song on repeat lately, it has this really awesome alt-pop/hip hop vibe and I love what it is saying:

Although I guess if I knew tomorrow I guess I wouldn’t need faith/I guess is if I knew never fell, I guess I wouldn’t need grace/I guess if I knew His plans I guess He wouldn’t be God..

Not only do I love the lyrics, but the whole song (and his whole album really) has this catchy, fresh and original sound I’m super in too.

Slight warning there is one or two swear words in the song, if that’s not your thing.

Listen to it here: Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

What are you listening to lately?

Are you a Jon Bellion fan?

Book Review: The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Wrath & The Dawn for blog


The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

General Age Recommendation: 15+

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy. Fairytale,YA


Hello Everyone!

I got this book from my sister and was so excited to read it because I’m just a sucker for retellings and I had heard so many good things about this.

Every night in Khorasan the young Caliph, Khalid marries a new girl, at dawn he kills her. After Shahrzad’s best friend is chosen to be the Caliph’s newest bride and is killed, Shahrzad volunteers to be the next girl to marry the Caliph, planning to use her sharp wit to come up with a way to kill him herself. When the Kahlid comes to her room, she buys herself more time by telling a long and interesting story, the sun rises before the story is over and the king allows her to live another day. She manages to stay alive for much longer than any other girl and in the process discovers that much more is behind the young, quiet and seemingly monstrous king.  The longer she stays at the palace, she begins to wonder how this gentle and sad boy is such a horrible killer, and wonders if she is beginning to fall in love with him. This retelling of A Thousand and One Nights is a tale of love, betrayal and intrigue.

“The more a person pushes others away, the clearer it becomes he is in need of love the most.”
Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath & the Dawn

What I liked: I definitely enjoyed this book. It took me a little while to get into it, but once I read a bit of it I was totally hooked. I loved Khalid and Shazi, they romance was so Processed with VSCOcaptivating . A lot of people say it is a bit insta- lovey, but, while their feelings for each other grew quickly, it didn’t seem unrealistic or in any way lacking. I liked Shazi as a main character, she had a good strong personality and Khalid *swoons*. Like I said earlier I really really like retellings, and this retelling of a classic story from Arabian Nights was done so well. The book was a very unique setting, and I think the author did a great job of really transporting you to the world, everything was described so beautifully and vivdly. It gave me some serious Aladdin vibes. I was just super into it.

“My soul sees its equal in you.”
Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath & the Dawn

What I didn’t Like: I really think Shahrzad and Khalid were the strong points of this book. I really loved every scene and chapter that had either of them in it, but I found myself getting slightly bored whenever the perspective changed to a side character. It got better as all the storylines came together in the end, but in the beginning of the book I found it dragging a little bit.

You probably will like this book if:

  • You like fairy tale retellings
  • You like dramatic romances
  • You like the  Arabian Nights/Nights setting

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You don’t like books about romance
  • You don’t want to read something really descriptive


Have you read this book? If so what did you think?

Do you like Retellings?


March TBR

March TBR for Blog.jpg


Hello Everyone!

I am happy to report that my goal to 100 books this year is going well so far! At the beginning of February I was afraid I was falling into a little reading slump, but I started really good books and thankfully ended it before it began. I only a few books I really have planned to read this month, that way I have room if I want just randomly pick something up. My March TBR includes:


A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke

I’m still very slowly working through this series by Janette Oke. They are really great light reads and I am enjoying picking them up when I have a spare moment!

Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn

I read the Christy Miller series last month and I LOVED them. This book is the first book in the spin off series about her best friend Katie Weldon. I already started it and I’m enjoying it so much, I can’t wait to see how she will keep moving the story along!

No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer

I used to read a ton of Christian Romance, but in the past years I haven’t read to much. I got this book for Christmas and I’m excited to jump back into the genre.

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

This is another recommendation by my sister. It doesn’t seem like something I would typically read, and I don’t really even know what it’s about, but it’s one of  her favorites, so I hope I like it!

 Paper Towns by John Green

Its like, five years late, but I’m finally picking up my first John Green book. I’m actually pretty excited to read it!


What’s on your TBR this month?



Book Review: One Day by David Nicholls


One Day by David Nicholls

General Age Recommendation: 16+

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Drama, New Adult

Hello Everyone!

A little while ago, my sister and I were talking about books and trading favorites for the other to read. My sister handed this book to me and told me, “This book was absolutely devastating” she didn’t necessarily mean destructive or damaging, but she meant that it was the kind of book that twisted up all her emotions and when she finished it, she didn’t know what to do with herself. I knew exactly what kind of book she meant and I knew it was a kind of book I would enjoy.

Summary: Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew met on the night of college graduation, despite a (sort of) night together and the initial attraction they don’t explore a romantic relationship after that one night. As they move on and begin life in the adult world, they maintain friendship, growing closer and closer each year that passes, regardless of whether they are in the same country, in other relationships or not. Emma works a myriad of low paying jobs and tries to find what she loves, Dexter stays in the moment and embraces the world, becoming a TV host and enjoying all the industry has to offer. Life takes them through different opportunities, relationships, mistakes and happiness. Each chapter is the same day July 15th- spanning a number of years, giving a snapshot of Em and Dex’s life

 “Call me or I’ll call you, but one of us will call, yes? What I mean is it’s not a competition. You don’t lose if you phone first.”
David Nicholls, One Day

What I Liked: I loved this book. The writing was excellent, it pulled me in instantly and definitely made me feel the full range of  human emotions. It was almost frustrating how realistic the book was, so many times Emma and Dexter’s miscommunication left me seething in frustration, I felt sick when Dexter comes back to his apartment early in the morning coming down from a night of partying and I empathized with both of them as they tried to figure out what they wanted to do in life. I loved how you got see their lives unfold, sometimes together and sometimes apart. The one thing I probably appreciated the most, was that Emma and Dexter were best friends, but they both knew there was potential for more. It wasn’t like they suddenly realized they loved each other and should be together, the thought was always there. It happened at different times for both of them, they definitely weren’t on the same page, or in the same life place, but they both knew there could be more. I really liked that about the book, it wasn’t just another “boy and girl are completely platonic best friends then one falls for the other and life is never the same” kind of book. This book was touching, heart wrenching and absolutely beautiful.

“A moment passed, perhaps half a second when their faces said what they felt, and then Emma was smiling, laughing, her arms around his neck.”
David Nicholls, One Day

What I Didn’t Like: Maybe because I read a lot of YA fiction and this is probably New Adult/Adult fiction, but I found the book to have this vague hopelessness about it. I think it was partly to do with the story and theme of the book, but the book had a sad air around it.

You probably will like this book if:

  • You want a good love story that you can’t put down.
  • You like realistic books that really tug at your emotions.
  • You want a good book to cry over.

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want a light, funny book
  • You don’t want something sad
  • You don’t want to read a contemporary love story.


Do you like ‘devastating’ books?





Bullet Journaling Guide from a Beginner



Hello Everyone!

At the beginning of this year I started a Bullet Journal, and it is honestly amazing. I use it everyday and it has helped so much, I’m so much more organized and I love having everything in one place. The benefits of Bullet Journaling are huge, but I have to admit, when I first started looking into making one I was VERY overwhelmed. I was super confused as to what it exactly was supposed it be, as well as how you format it and such, I kept seeing all these beautiful, creative pages and feeling like I could never so this. Bullet Journaling is one of my favorite things now and I want to share a simple guide on how to get started. I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I thought as a beginner Bullet Journal user, I can give tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

What is your Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal can literally be whatever you want it to be! I know that’s super vague but it’s totally true. It can be a journal, scrapbook, sketchbook, planner, calendar, diary, the list is endless. I mainly use mine as a daily planner and journal and it works great for me!  Here are some sample pages from my journal showing my daily pages and a general idea of how I use it day to day.

2017-02-20 02.24.07 2.jpg
Every day I write out my To- Do Lists and then the next day I’ll come back and write out the Highlights of that day, journaling a little and doing some fun doodles of the day. Usually I don’t use it over the weekends, but I will always come back and journal a little bit about the weekend.


How to Set Up Your Bullet Journal.

Setting up a Bullet Journal is beyond easy, and I know there are tons of good tutorials on how to do this, but I’m going to share my basic knowledge. Start with numbering your pages, I only did the first twenty or so, and just fill them in as I go along, it’s whatever for you!

Start with your front page for your key and index. Your Key will be helpful to show what different symbols mean ( check mark means finish, X means cancelled etc. )

Your Index is where you can mark where the pages you will want to continually refer to, for example in the middle of all my January to do lists and journal pages I wanted to make a page for  some of my 2017 goals, so I numbered the pages and recorded that my 2017 goals page was on page 20 in my index.

Processed with VSCO
Here I also mark what colors mean what what, so, for example I know when I use the color orange it is a personal project, or when I use purple it is a music related project!


Besides daily To-Do Lists and Journal pages, I also include a monthly habit tracker, my blog schedule plan, and I have lots of pages for projects and goals.


A Bullet Journal is essentially just a cute, creative outlet for you to organize all those thoughts that flit through your head. I used to always have a ton random sheets of paper and note books full of all my thoughts, plans and lists and now it’s so nice to have them all in one place!

Some more ideas:

  • TBR Lists
  • Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Bucket List
  • Blog Planner
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Inspiration Notebook (for poetry, sketching…)
  • Weekly To-Do Lists
  • School Notes


There is no “right way” to Bullet Journal, just get a cute notebook or moleskin and just start filling in your lists and you will start to figure out exactly how you want to use it!

Do you have an interest in Bullet Journaling?

Do you have any helpful Bullet Journaling Tips?




Song of the Week: Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots

Hi Everyone!
I know, I know, I’m probably like the 700th person raving about Twenty One Pilots, but I just can’t help it!

I have been a fan of the band for quite a while now, but i just finally saw them in concert recently and it was AMAZING. One song that they did that just blew me away was Holding Onto You. This was already one of my favorite songs but their live performance was just incredible, not only did it have awesome energy, but Tyler Joseph also came out and had everyone in the pit lift him and he sang in the audience ( I was not in the pit but it was still cool). Ahhh, it was just such a good night!



Listen to it here: Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots

If you have yet to hear much of Twenty One Pilots I highly recommend giving them a listen, from their unique, genre defying sound to the depth and emotion poured into every song, they are just quality musicians.

Are you a Twenty One Pilots fan?


Book Review | Since You’ve Been Gone By Morgan Matson



Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

General Age Recommendation: 14+

Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Summer Read

Hello Everyone!

So I actually read this book a while ago, back at the very end of the summer/early fall. I am just finally getting around to write a review because honestly I’m constantly behind on reviewing the books I’m reading, gah! Anyhow, while its freezing and wet outside as I write this I thought it would be a good time to talk about this fun, summery book!

Processed with VSCO

Summary: Emily is a quiet girl, over the past few years, she has been more than happy to let her outgoing, vivacious best friend Sloane take the lead. Sloane carries all the conversations with people, Sloane makes the grand and crazy plans and Emily is happy with that. The summer before Senior Year is just starting and Sloane and Emily  have some great plans. These plans come crashing down when Sloane packs up and leaves town without any explanation, only a list of challenges for Emily, like “Kiss a Stranger” “Pick Apples at Midnight”. Emily starts out her summer with no friends, missing Sloane, she decides to do every item on the list, with the help of Frank Porter and finds herself living one of the best summers ever.

“I don’t think you have to do something so big to be brave. And it’s the little things that are harder anyway.”
Morgan Matson, Since You’ve Been Gone

What I liked: This book was great. The premise was interesting to me from the start and I was not disappointed. The writing was really good, it flowed nicely and kept me interested. The book was SO summery and I just wanted to go on an adventure after I read it. My favorite thing about the book was how realistic it was. Emily starts out shy, not confident and without very many friends, by the end of the books she has gained a lot of self confidence and has people she very close to, but it all happened very naturally and realistically. It doesn’t happen overnight or in any crazy way. Some of the items on the list would make for awkward moments or would be hard, but Morgan Matson wrote it all to be believable. I just really enjoyed this book, it was fun to read and was full of summer and friendship vibes. I just ate it up!

*Spoilers ahead*

What I didn’t like: I honestly didn’t have many problems with this book. The one thing I didn’t like was at the end when she got in a fight with Frank, Collins and Dawn, it only shows her make up with Frank, but you never see her talk to Collins or Dawn after their fight. That made me sad 😦

You Probably will like this book if:

  • You like fun lighthearted books
  • You books that mainly focus on friendship and romance
  • You want a fun summery book

You Probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want something really thought provoking or mature
  • You don’t want to read something about teens


Have you read this book?

Do you like to read summery books in winter or vice versa?

The 5 Stages of Falling in Love With a Book


Hello Everyone!

Over the past few months I have been reading a lot of highly recommended books, with a couple of exceptions I’ve enjoyed them all. I was thinking about some of my more recent reads and pondering how I enjoyed some but absolutely fell in love with others. As I was thinking I realized there are five stages to falling in love with a book…

1. You keep turning pages.

Of course any good book will keep you interested, but I’m talking about that feeling when you told yourself you were going to stop after the next chapter but then you didn’t notice when you started to read the next chapter you were so absorbed. It”s like the book has this magnetic pull, you just keep flipping those pages without really thinking about it.

2. You NEED to talk about it with someone.

You know how it goes, you are halfway through the book, something big just happened and you just need to discuss it/vent about it. For me this is when I regale my sister who has not read it, or I start pressuring her to read it so we can talk about it together. This is one of the biggest reasons I love the online book communities because usually there is someone out there to talk about the book with!

3. Think about the book at random times.

I usually notice just how much I am enjoying a book when I am going about my day and the story, characters or main couple kind of just lingers in my mind constantly. I’ll have to stop reading for a while to do something real and I’ll find myself thinking about the book as I grocery shop, clean or do work of any kind. The book is just sort of sticking with me.

4. You finish the book and it leaves a hole.

Every Bibliophile knows this feeling. The book is over, and you have a little hole in your heart, you are glad you know how the book ended but now it’s all over and you don’t even know what to read that could possibly be as good.#thestruggle

5. You begin to search everything.

When I finish a book and I loved it, I find myself just typing it into just about every search bar on the Internet. I search for fanblogs and edits on Tumblr, I search news on possible sequels and the author’s future projects, I search for reviews on Goodreads and book blogs. I pretty much scour the Internet to look up this book.

This is what I go through every time I fall in love with a book, it happened almost six years ago with Percy Jackson and most recently with The Lunar Chronicles. Do you relate?

Do you agree? Did I miss any stages?

What was the last book you fell in love with?