A Book Recommendation: Raising Dragons (Dragons In Our Midst Series) by Brian Davis



Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis

General Age I Would Recommend it Too: 11+

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Young Adult


Hello everyone!

I love a good fantasy book, recently I decided to reread one of my favorite fantasy series from when I was in middle school “Dragons In Our Midst” and it was a good choice.  Rereading them and discovering the story all over again was a special treat, because these books are so great.

Summary: Billy Bannister is an average high school freshman, he lives in a quiet little neighborhood and has two loving parents. Lately  strange things have been happening. Like tProcessed with VSCOhe his breath is so hot it sets off fire alarms, he sees cars trailing him, and he has vivid nightmares that seem all too real. He tells his parents about these strange happenings and they share with him something he was not expecting to hear. His father is a dragon, long ago, in the time of King Arthur, the last remaining dragons were turned into humans for their safety and have stayed that way. Billy’s father is one them, and Billy is half dragon, half fuman. Billy’s life is completely thrown upside down when he hunted by a Dragon slayer and suddenly the noble knights, mythical beasts and treasures of story books seems much more real.


“Dad just told me that I’m the son of a dragon!And then he leaves?”
― Billy Bannister, Bryan Davis, Raising Dragons

Review: This story is so much fun, think Percy Jackson but with Dragons and medival lore instead of Olympians and Greek myths. The story is so interesting, it is one of those action packed books, where something always happening. I love the Bryan Davis weaves the lore and history with the modern setting. The characters are engaging and it has plenty of laugh out loud moments. Overall it is a really good fantasy series, complete with dragons, fight scenes and adventure, while still being really original, funny and just an overall great read!

You probably will like this book if:

  • You enjoy the Fantasy genre
  • You liked Percy Jackson
  • You like the King Arthur time period
  • You like Dragons!

You probably won’t like this book if:

  • You want something really in depth and thought provoking
  • You don’t like fantasy too much


What’s your favorite fantasy book?

Do you like books about dragons?


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